Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

I used this weeks blog assignment as a title because of one of the blogs I read. The article in itself is very interesting, it is titled “How Does the Brain the Brain Learn Best? Smart Studying Strategies” by Ingfei Chen. You will have the option of listening to this article or reading it.

I choose both, and made it into a read along, I can honestly say it brought back memories. This article is about a book Chen read called “How We Learn: The Surprising Truth about When, Where, and Why It Happens,” by Benedict Carey and what Chen took from it.

Besides some of the techniques and strategies pointed out by Chen, which I found to be very interesting points of view, I enjoyed reading as well some of the comments left from some readers.

The other blog I liked was this one titled the “Metacognition the Gift that Keeps on Giving” by Donna Wilson. This one is more geared for teachers and gives some pointers on how to show students how to use metacognition.

Within this blog you will also find a link to another post in which Ms. Wilson was co-author, “Engaging Brains: How to Enhance Learning by Teaching Kids about Neuroplasticity“.

I hope you find these posts to be as interesting as I did.






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