Introduction to My Blog

Hi everyone, welcome to my Blog. This is my first time blogging, but before I continue let me introduce myself, my name is Starsky Domínguez. Currently I am studying to obtain my Masters in Instructional Design & Technology. I have a BS. in Information Technology from Monroe College. I am currently working for the New York Board of Education as a School Computer Technology Specialist. It’s just a fancy title for Computer Technician.

This is the first time I actively blog, I occasionally read a blog which is more socially inclined, it’s a way that I  have found to be able to stay current with social events from the Dominican Republic, where I lived for many years. The second blog that I try to actively read is geared more towards technology.

I decided to use WordPress for my blog, because I worked with people who have used blogs regularly and this is one of the tools I recall they mentioned. As of what I have been able to see it is very simple and easy to use.

Once I created my blog on WordPress, I decided to search for blogs in the field of Instructional design, and as a true beginner in the world of blogs I looked for titles that would help me understand more how blogs are structured and at the same time informative and related to the ID field. These are some of the ones that caught my attention:

For me this blog was very helpful it gave me a different perspective to the ID field and the author (Amit Garg) also included references to other blogs.

I liked this one very much, because the author (Alisson B. Nederveld)presented a new resource she was using to help her make more meaningful instructions through the use video. The tool is Goanimate.

This one I also enjoyed the author (Melissa”Moolissa”) cautions us in the way we should use audio visuals in our designs in order to be more effective and not overload our targets with information.

Hope you find these to be very helpful.


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